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   In its current look, the object is a solid two-storey building, built of stone, wood and bricks of mud and straw(the thickness of the walls is 0,70m.), fully plastered, painted in very light greyish color, with brown wooden decorative eaves, with renewed dark brown windows. The house has a stone revetment at its bottom as well as the paths around it. It is situated in the centre of the village just opposite a reconstructed park and a broad asphalt road with shadowy parking lots. The area around the house is about 970 m² with a rectangular yard (surrounded by high solid fence). Next to the park there is a nice garden around 260m² in perfect condition and a very fertile orchard about 420m²
( 21 trees altogether, including apple, peach, plum, cherry, pear, quince, apricot and sour cherry trees), 130m² built-up area, 80m² vegetable garden, vineyard (wine sorts of grapes) and a tool shed. In the area there is an outdoor fountain decorated with stone cover, there are also two wells for irrigation, one of them is going to be in the middle of a recess in the old Bulgarian style tradition, there will also be a pond and water cascade. There is a covered porch with a stone floor and an open-air fireplace (barbecue) as well as outdoors places to relax, cook or have meals. The yard is full of flowers; there are antique household items, all that create an atmosphere of unforgettable cosiness and a feeling of ancient strict cleanliness and neatness.
   The first floor of the house is organized as a place to spend the day-time, including an entrance hall, two same bathrooms with toilets, a large living-room in the traditional style and a small kitchen.
From the kitchen you can get to semi-detached buildings- a garage, with an exit to the street, a storage room and a room with a fireplace in the traditional style, (this room has an exit to the yard too).
The entrance hall (leading to the living-room and the bathrooms) and the bathrooms are laid with luxurious granite and majolica tiles, the latter supplied with luxurious toilets, wash-basins, mirrors,
a shower and heating devices.

   The living-room is 35 m² and it’s the “pride” of the house. It is designed in the old traditional style, walls laid with plasterboards and well-preserved reconstructed ceiling, with hand-made chiselled oak boards and beams in their natural dark colour. The floor is also designed in the traditional style with two kinds of cover - laminate in the living-room and luxurious granite in the kitchen. It is supplied with
a brand new large table and eight chairs, upholstered sofa bed overlooking the audio-system (TV set, DVD etc.), a luxurious kitchen - designed in the old Bulgarian style (the walls are covered with oak boards), supplied with modern energy saving devices - an oven, a gas stove, a dish-washer, a coffee machine etc. In the small kitchen there is a fridge and a microwave. There is a luxurious fireplace - built and faced with stone and wood, that fireplace supplies the heating system of the house. The heating installation has exits to aluminum heaters, situated in each of the rooms, as well as in the entrance hall on the first floor and the two bathrooms. The hot water is also heated by that fireplace. It functions as
a central heating system.

   There is a picturesque spiral wooden staircase, leading to the second floor, where there are three separate bedrooms with eight beds. The rooms are supplied with new:

  • Laminate floor coverage;
  • beds with mattresses and wardrobes;
  • bed-side tables, bed-side reading lamps and chairs;
  • 14 inches colour TV in the large room;
  • Blankets, lamps, curtains.

The hall on the second floor leads to a wide terrace with wooden railing and stone covering, a nice place to relax and enjoy the scenery of the yard.

The house is supplied a with fire alarm system, a security system and cable TV.