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The village of Nova mahala is situated in the central part of Bulgaria, in the East part of the valley of roses, between Stara planina and Sredna gora mountains, along the river Tundga, 1km away from the administrative center - the town of Nikolaevo. The village is situated near important roads- Highway Sofia-Bourgas, highway Rouse-Svilengrad through “The Pass of the Republic”. Near the village there are two beautiful mountains, the biggest fishpond on the Balkan peninsula (4km away), balneological centres and open-air swimming pools in the village of Yagoda(15km), dam lake Jrebchevo(7km), the river Tundga and the beautiful places around it between the villages Yagoda and Shanovo(10km). It is also within a close distance with the village of Liava reka, where an eco-path “LIAVA REKA - PREDELA” starts and it is connected t o the international tourist path “KOM - PREDELA - EMINE”. Along the eco-path three shelters for barbecue are built near fountains with spring water and within a close distance there is
a lake. In the town of Gurkovo along the river Lazova there is a picturesque place to relax - a bridge over the river, tables, barbecue, playground, cradles, a sandstone, a toilet and a vast campsite, where you can put up tents.

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